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Dr. Nadine Diaz

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Born in 1962 in Boyle Heights, Dr. Diaz comes from a multicultural and multi-ethnic background. She is American of Mexican, Japanese, Basque, and Yaqui Indian descent. She is a true embodiment of American diversity, where her roots intertwine across these rich traditions. A poignant chapter of her family history lies within her mother’s narrative. Her late mother, Kimiko, was a product of the tumultuous 1940s. Born in 1942 within the confines of Tule Lake, one of the ten US government concentration camps, she experienced firsthand the distressing period when Japanese Americans were unjustly incarcerated during World War II.  This painful history serves as a reminder of resilience in the face of adversity.

Her father, Anthony, was no stranger to struggles either. Born in 1942, he emerged from the Hazard Park government housing projects in Boyle Heights, where he experienced poverty first-hand. Here, he took his initial steps toward shaping a life intertwined with Kimiko’s.

Fate paved a course that led Anthony and Kimiko to meet at Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights in the late 1950s. They first crossed paths within these hallowed halls, eventually forging a bond that would culminate in marriage in 1960. Kimiko’s dedication shone as she contributed to the family’s livelihood by working at the Little Bank of Tokyo in District 14. Her unwavering support enabled Anthony to pursue his education at the University of Southern California (USC), where he earned his Doctorate in Pharmacology in 1968 and subsequently his MD from the University of Utah in 1979, specializing in Anesthesiology.

In sum, Dr. Diaz’s heritage is a mosaic woven with threads of perseverance, cultural heritage, and the power of education. Her family’s journey, spanning three generations and cultures, is an unbeatable source of inspiration and fuels her drive to effect positive change in District 14 and beyond.


Having attained her Associate of Arts degree from East Los Angeles Community College, Dr. Diaz is a testament to education’s power. She carries the distinction of being a third-generation alumna of the University of Southern California (USC), where she earned her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

Dr. Diaz’s academic journey is distinguished by her unwavering commitment to her studies and personal growth. Her professional background is rooted in cultural anthropology and social work, which mirrors her profound dedication to understanding the challenging needs of the constituents in bettering the communities that represent CD 14. Her specific focus lies in community organizations, planning, and administration, all complemented by a solid foundation in clinical practice and policy.

The fusion of her academic pursuits and practical experience showcases Dr. Diaz’s comprehensive approach to effecting positive change.  Her educational accomplishments are a foundation for her professional contributions, underpinning her ability to analyze complex social dynamics and design strategic solutions. This unique blend of knowledge and hands-on engagement distinguishes Dr. Diaz as an adept and empathetic advocate for community advancement.


Board Member, Council on Aging for the City of Los Angeles Department of Aging  

Board of Directors, USC Alumni Association Entrepreneur Network

Board of Directors, CASA Treatment Center for Women, Pasadena, CA

Member, AARP 

Member, National Association of Social Workers 

Member, California Faculty Association 

Member, Save Our Seniors Network 


2022 – 2023     Vice President, Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council 

2001 – 2016     Delegate, Los Angeles County Democratic Party 

2001 – 2016     Delegate, CA. Democratic Central Committee, Districts 46 & 53 

2006 – 2017     Union Member, SEIU United Healthcare Workers 

2006                 Member, Los Angeles Skid Row Initiative Commission 

1997 – 2003     Co-Founder, Evergreen Jogging Path 

1995 – 2005     Member, Community Redevelopment Agency, Adelante Project 

1995 – 2005     Member, MTA Review Advisory Committee 

1990 – 1995     Community & Labor Organizer & US Citizenship Teacher: Catholic Charities, El Rescate (The Rescue), International Ladies                                                   Garment Workers Union, CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of  Los Angeles) 


2023    Elected Member, Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council 

2019    Phi Alpha Honors Society 

2019    Recipient, USC Order of Arete Award 

2019    Recipient, USC Alumni Scholarship 

2001 & 2011 Recipient, Franklin D. & Elenor Roosevelt Female of the Year Award 


November 24, 2023 Boyle Heights Beat Newspaper
Nadine Diaz: “I’m running again because the corruption hasn’t stopped”
By Andrew Lopez
September 28, 2023 Rafu Shimpo Newspaper
Nadine Diaz is running for LA City Council District 14
By JK Yamato

2022  KPFK Pacifica Radio, “COVID, Race & Democracy Show: Redistricting Gentrification Behind the LA Racist Scandal; Voting in Florida; Pittsburg Post Gazette Strike; Free Mumia!” panel interview. (First 14 min.)

2015 LA City Council Candidate Nadine Diaz for District 14 (3:10 min.)

2006  PBS “Life and Times: Country Doc,” a short documentary on Los Angeles Skid Row and Los Angeles Mission Community Health Care Workers. (7:40 min.)

2005  ABC 7, Vista L.A.: “Hope in Boyle Heights: Meet the Diaz Family” television  interview. (6:16 min.) 

2005 “A Cry for Justice” a short documentary film written, directed, produced, and edited by Dr. Diaz (21:30 min.)                                            

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